The First Thing Visitors See

Stunning & Affordable Websites for Churches

Unique & Modern Design

Your church’s website will be custom to your image, welcoming newcomers and members 

Custom to Your Needs

You have a specific goal in mind, Foyer websites are designed for this very reason

Helping You Achieve Success

Extend your reach in the community online

Our professional web coaches and career developers will work closely with your key members to establish and maintain an effective web presence using the internet.

Any budget is a budget we can work with

Industry leading software and services

One-on-one coaching and training

Ongoing graphic design services

Custom to your church identity

Goal Setting

What are your specific needs? We can help you reach them!

Technology Coaching

Let us teach your key members how to maintain web presence.

Website Management

We handle the REAL technical and back-end stuff, no problem!

Consult & Advise

We are professional web developers and business owners!

What Is Foyer.Church?
Who is Foyer For?

Foyer.Church is the entry space for churches who want to share their message using the internet. Foyer is for ministries that are looking to expand their web presence by means of a modern website design and social media influence. 

Does it include a website?

Yes! We offer websites of any size and scale and work with you to find the best fit that will grow with you.

Does it include hosting?

Yes! We offer some of the best managed hosting around for a small monthly rate and no long term contract.

Does it include a domain name?

Yes! If you don’t have a domain name, we can provide this as well! We are an accredited domain name registrar.

Does it include tithing / donations?

Yes! There are several options for accepting online donations and tithing. If you don’t have a preferred service, we will help you decide the best option.

What else does it include?

Great question! We can setup the ability to publish sermons to the website and aggregate to your social media, event management, newsletters and email opt-ins, video integration and so much more!

About Foyer

We have more than a decade in the web design industry as a webmaster, developer and consultant.

We came up with Foyer.Church as a service to help ministries realize their goals for establishing an effective web presence.

We realize how difficult it can be to get up and running. Our aim is to serve the Lord by helping churches become more established and self sufficient online while providing the back-end means to do so.

Foyer Pricing Guide

One Time Costs

Our websites typically have a setup and page design cost that starts at ~$175. We believe for many congregations this is all you need to pay for an effective website!

Recurring Costs

Our hosting and domain names are recurring services that bill monthly and annually respectively. Hosting starts at $15 monthly and domains $15 annually.

Foyer Workshops

The workshops are designed to help your ministry team understand their role in managing web presence and includes hands on training to learn to use the website.

The Foyer Is Where People Connect and Learn More About Your Ministry

The foyer of a church is the space where people can talk with each other, get to know one another—become friends. We believe your website and social media serve this purpose as well! The foyer is designed to help people focus on each other, slow down and enjoy some conversation.

These digital spaces (your website and social media) must feel bright and welcoming.

Focus serious attention on the foyer. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. The point is to match your church’s vision for drawing in visitors and encourage them to stick around.